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Telecom Expense Management Solutions
Add clarity and visibility into your corporate telecom and technology expense management (TEM) environments, including telecom, wireless, voice, data and cloud management, through our expertise and intuitive TEM software, Clearview.

Most clients save up to 35% of 
their overall telecom spend! 

Get ready to take control.

Fast & Easy
You have enough to manage, let us take over and offload the details with a seamless transition plan from a previous TEM provider or updated workflows from Excel spreadsheets.
#1 Customer Satisfaction
Valicom monitors customer satisfaction with quarterly satisfaction surveys and we're proud to score five out of five stars on our Capterra listing!
Inventory Visibility
Build a comprehensive inventory within the TEM application and you'll have full visibility into your telecom and technology environment with ultimate cost control.

What Our Customers Say

Great tool. Great People.
Clearview saved us a lot of time and frustration when centralizing invoices for telecom services and also switching to a new global ERP platform which included the transition to a new accounting system and associated cost center coding. The extensive list of options available in Clearview allows for easy access to updated inventory detail from different perspectives in the database and to run standard or customized reports when needed. Valicom's experienced team was very professional and proficient during and after the surprisingly painless setup process.
Robert S., Manufacturing Industry
More Time & A Bigger Budget!
With less time spent tracking down information and dealing with billing issues, there is now more time to work on strategic projects and activities. I would highly recommend this solution for anyone looking for a better way to manage and optimize telecom services and related costs. Better visibility of our services and billing trends continues to make the already reasonable cost of this tool less and less as time goes on. 

Just resigned a new 36-month agreement to outsource TEM!

Sandra L., Healthcare Industry

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TEM Software & Service Options

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Software PLUS...
Contract Negotiation
Monthly Optimization Tips
Custom Reporting
On-Call Assistance
Software Only
Host & Load
24-Month Subscription
Access to Web App
Unlimited Users
Tracks & Loads Invoices
Unlimited Reports
Dedicated Support Team
Fully Outsourced
Fully Outsourced
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Offload ALL TEM Tasks
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How is Clearview tested for volume and scalability?
Clearview is tested quarterly for a load of 250% more users than the normal business day. All testing, debugging, and troubleshooting is provided free of charge by our 100% in-house development team. 
2. What services does Valicom provide?
Asset Management, Benchmarking, Clearview Access, Contract Compliance, Contract Negotiations, Cost Allocation, Credit Recovery, CSR Analysis, Data Entry, Follow-up Audit, Inventory Creation, Invoice Audit, Invoice Payment, Invoice Processing, Network Optimization, Order Fulfillment, Request for Proposal Support, Test Calls, Wireless Optimization
4. Does Clearview offer a procurement portal?
The mobile procurement portal is an add-on to our standard TEM software and can be offered with 24/7 help desk support and industry-leading response times.  We like to offer this as an option as most organizations don't need the added solution and prefer working directly with the team at Valicom for procurement needs.
3. What types of Service Level Agreements do you offer?
Valicom guarantees that invoices will be processed and loaded into the system within 24 business hours of their receipt in the mail or electronically. Client requested system enhancements are typically handled within two weeks, free of charge. Custom reports are typically created within one week, free of charge.